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Tattoo aftercare
* Leave the cling film on for 2-3 hours after the session.
* Wash your hands & carefully take the cling film off.
* Using warm/hot soapy water, rinse and wipe any plasma off your tattoo. Pat dry with a clean towel, or let air dry.
* Leave open to the air for the rest of the day/evening.
* Do not put any cream on it today.
* Do NOT drink a lot of alcohol/do drugs on the same evening of your tattoo. (1 glass is fine)
* Wash hands and clean tattoo with warm soapy water before bed & in the morning when you wake up.
* Take showers if possible, NO baths/soaking for long periods of time.
* Do NOT wear tight fitted clothing on your new tattoo, wear loose clothes/socks if possible to stop any irritation occurring.
* Begin to use AVEENO daily moisturiser, OR 100% ORGANIC coconut oil. A small pea sized amount, and spread evenly over tattoo area, 2-3 times a day (no more).
* Once scabbing begins, do NOT pick it, scratch it or knock any scabs off prematurely.
* If it gets itchy whilst healing (which it will) Tap/slap it, DO NOT scratch it.
* Do NOT use any more cream than stated previously.
* Do NOT use any other creams, such as bepanthen, sudocrem, vasoline. 

* Keep cleaning & creaming 2-3 times a day, and it should heal fab