Suite 1, Anker Bridge House, Bridge Street, Polesworth, B78 1DR

 Looking to book an appointment at our Tamworth tattoo studio? 

Step 1. Contact the studio to book in for a FREE face to face consultation with our artist, so we can discuss you ideas in detail to get an accurate understand of placement, size and design concept. That way we can quote more accurately also.

Step 2. Book an appointment: If you're happy with your quote it's time to book in! For all bookings we require a £20.00 deposit for each hour you wish to book in for to confirm your appointment

(e.g tattoo cost = £60.00 / Deposit required = £20.00 / payment on day = £40.00) we accept deposit payment via cash or card however only accept cash on the day of your tattoo sitting

Step 3.  So you've been in for your consultation, discussed your ideas with out artist and paid your deposit to confirm your tattoo appointment, so what's next? Now all you have to do is sit back, relax and be prepared for our artist to blow you away when we finalise your design and send it to you! (Please note: Due to our artist's busy schedule you'll usually receive the first draft 2 days prior to your appointment, so please be patient, we haven't forgotten about you.) 


  • If you look under 21 we will ask for ID 
  • Deposits are non refundable and non transferable 
  • To re-schedule an appointment the studio must be notified 3 business days prior to your appointment
  • If we suspect you're under the influence of drugs or alcohol we will refuse to tattoo you
  • Please be on time. Due to our artists busy schedule if you're late to your tattoo session it will come out of your time and you will still be charged for the full length of that sitting
  • Being certain on the design focus and idea is essential. As were a custom studio every design is done by hand which is extremely time consuming so we ask all of our customers to be certain on the idea they have in mind. Alterations to the design draft is acceptable however, if you change the entire concept then your deposit will be forfeit to our artist for time taken to do that design
  • Bringing a friend to your appointment is absolutely fine, however, we have to limit it to just one person who can wait with you due to it limiting space for our artist to operate. 
  • final payment on the day of your session must be made via cash