Suite 1, Anker Bridge House, Bridge Street, Polesworth, B78 1DR

INK + OILS Tamworth tattoo shop

The UK's most unique tattoo shop and vape UK retailer 

Founded by Josh Griffiths and Rebecca Evans back when the brand was known as Jaygees INK. At just eighteen years old, this couple opened their first business together in Erdington, Birmingham. From the ground up, Jaygees INK was built into one of Birminghams most recognised custom tattoo studios. With artists guest spotting at their studio from all over the world, that specialised in various different styles. Rebecca, also known by her more recognisable artist name @beckybootstattoo endured a unique and versatile tattoo apprenticeship within her 4 years of co-owning the business, gaining useful knowledge, tips and training from highly respected and highly talented artists from around the world. Giving her strong techniques and practical skills in various aspects and styles of tattooing from some of the worlds best. Now Rebecca is most known for her wizardry skills in the world of Dotwork, Mandala and geometric style tattoos, the experience gained from working with all those artist has also given her the unique ability to turn her hand to any tattoo style. Josh's involvement within the business surrounded his passion for the tattoo industry and the running of the studio, leaving the artist's to stick to what they do best, creating spectacular tattoos! Through promoting the studios artists and striving to only put out the best work possible by discovering the best artists available and collaborating with them at the studio. Growing the business to be built on a foundation of consumer trust and quality. 


Two years later Josh decided he wanted to open another business based on something else he was also passionate about.. Vaping! So in 2015 Josh and Becky opened their first vape shop in Oldbury, West midlands called '' Magical Mist'' At this time, vaping wasn't as big as it is today with a vape shop now situated on every high street and in every supermarket and convenience outlet. Vaping was small. Stocking only brand which he trusted and believed in he then set out to help make a difference for those who we're looking to quit smoking cigarettes through vaping, the same way it helped him. Six months later for whatever reasons, Magical Mist didn't work out, but as Josh always says '' The best successes come from our failures'' So this wasn't the end of their input to the vaping industry, but in fact just the beginning.


In 2016 Josh and Becky re-entered the vaping world with their first ever eliquid line, Merlins Mist. After 12 months of flavour development, product packaging, testing and finalising the production facilities, the brand was born and was ready for the world to see at the London Vape Show! The brand went down a storm with both retail and B2B customers. 

In 2017 Josh and Beckys attention drifted to another, more important matter. They we're having a baby! So they decided to close down their tattoo studio, Jaygees INK in november 2017. Not forever, but just for now. Unwilling to sell the studio they'd worked so hard to build, they decided to leave it on the shelf for Becky to return to once she'd return to work after bringing their daughter into the world. 

In December of that year Josh opened Five star vaping UK. His second vaping retail store, but this time more close to home, opening the business in Polesworth, Tamworth. A town in which he lived and was raised. Providing the best vape mods, e liquids, vape pens, accessories and more to the public, on a mission to help the member of the community locally to effectively quit smoking through vaping which has been scientifically proven to be at least 95% safer the cigarettes. 

In January 2018 their beautiful daughter was born and in June of that year Becky slowly started getting back to work. Balancing her career and most precious time with her daughter wasn't easy, but was excited to get back to her second love.. creating amazing custom tattoos!

Becky is well known for her amazing work in the area of Mandala, Dotwork and geometric tattoo work and has clients that travel to get something tattooed by her in this style from all over the UK and Europe and is one of the best artists in the UK for this style. So she decided to really push this style as she wanted to do more of the style she loved. 

In June 2018 Josh collaborated with UK e liquid giants, Vjuice. Creating the brand Absolut Froot. Launching the brand at the hall of vape expo in Stuttgart, the brand received an overwhelming response over there and when we returned to the UK they had distributors from all over the UK wanting their e liquid range. A definite contender for one of the UKs best eliquid ranges of 2019 so keep an eye out for that!

In September 2018 Becky and Josh decided to do something abit different. A merge their loves into one business! Custom tattooing and vaping! This brand is now called INK + OILS (

An online and in store retailer of the best vape mods, vape pens, e liquids, starter kits and more as well as the mecca of dotwork, mandala and geometric custom tattoo work. With a lot more in the pipeline make sure you keep an eye out for this brand over the next 12 months. With magazine features set in motion with Skin deep magazine and other interesting projects. INK + OILS is definitely one unique business! How many other tattoo shops do you know that are also eliquid manufacturers and vaping retailers? That's right none!