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Dotwork tattoos

Here at INK + OILS we specialise in the art of dotwork tattoos. Dotwork tattoos are created either by hand or with the application of a tattoo machine. Dotwork tattoos replace the traditional method of tattoo shading and instead of using a shading needle the use of a fine single needle is used with a build up of dots to make different tones and shade variations in the design to give it a stunning look.

Dotwork tattoos are used in various tattoo styles, such as mandalas, geometric, portraits and blackwork to name a few. Our personal favourite type of dotwork tattoos to do are mandala, ornamental and geometric style. But we thoroughly enjoy all custom projects relating to dotwork tattoos.

Dotwork tattoos can be fairly time consuming for the artist, which means longer session lengths for the client, but the final results are so worth it!


From dotwork tattoos we have done in the past, they can either be done completely made of just dots, or dots and linework. This depends on the type of design you’re looking to get done and will be at the artists discretion as to what they believe will make the best outcome for the tattoo. Here below are a few examples of dotwork tattoos done at our studio, INK + OILS tattoo

Dotwork tattoos

Dotwork tattoos

Dotwork tattoosDotwork tattoos

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