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Birmingham tattoo shops

Birmingham tattoo shops


Are you looking for the right Birmingham tattoo shop for you? If so then keep reading!


Hi, my name is Josh Griffiths and I’m the co-owner of INK + OILS Custom tattoo studio. I opened my first tattoo shop that was based in Erdington, Birmingham back in December 2013. This Birmingham tattoo shop was known as Jaygees INK back then. Some of you may have even been tattooed there! Or know of someone who has been tattooed there! We featured some of the best tattoo talent from around the world with guest artists flying in from all corners of the globe working out of our Birmingham tattoo shop. Myself and my business partner @beckybootstattoo from day one we’re dedicated and set on only putting out the very best work. At the time we opened our tattoo shop in Birmingham not many Birmingham tattoo shops were doing custom work, they were simply copying an image from google, printing it off and then tattooing that design. We both stood strong on the fact we weren’t going to be one of those studios that put no heart into what we do and instead, we only put out 100% custom work for each client and only worked with tattoo artists who shared the same vision and passion for creating custom tattoos as us.

Birmingham tattoo shops


What made you one of the best Birmingham tattoo shops?


After 4 years of building our presence in a bid to stand out from the rest in a sea full of Birmingham tattoo shops, I believe we built a solid foundation and reputation, where people knew and trusted, no matter what artist they went to in our studio, we would suit them with the best artist for them based on who would do the best job. And if one of our artists didn’t do a particular style that a client asked for then we would happily point that individual in the direction of the best artist in that particular area of tattooing. This I believe is what has made our brand rock solid over the years and myself and my partner @beckybootstattoo are extremely proud that people can recognise our passion and love for helping people create that perfect tattoo for them.

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How many Birmingham tattoo shops are there?


The exact figure on how many Birmingham tattoo shops there are would be difficult to say, if I were to guess I’d say in excess of one hundred tattoo studios in the birmingham area with new new Birmingham tattoo shops popping up all the time.

Tattoo shops Birmingham


What different types of Birmingham tattoo shops are there?


There are two different types of Birmingham tattoo shops. There’s the street shops and then there are custom, bespoke shops. Street shops are your old school, pick a flash design off the wall type of studios and custom shops will draw something up for you.

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What tattoo styles do Birmingham tattoo shops do?


Each Birmingham tattoo shop and tattoo artist will be different from the other. There are many different styles of tattooing that originate from various different cultures. It’s extremely important to research your artist before letting them tattoo you to make sure their style of work is suited to the work you intend on getting.

Birmingham tattoo shops 

What to avoid when searching for my ideal Birmingham tattoo shop?


First things first, NEVER get tattooed by a person who claims to be a “mobile tattooer” or a person who tattoos people from home. The reality is, if they were good enough, why are they not working in a studio? These people who do this are not only tattooing illegally but they’re also risking people’s health by practicing tattooing without technical precision, experience or required knowledge of hygiene practices. Avoid, avoid, avoid, at all costs!

Second thing I’d recommend is studying and discovering local tattoo shops work online. Don’t let the price of an artist put you off, tattoos are for life and is always best to get tattooed by someone’s work who you truly love.

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What do birmingham tattoo shops charge for tattoos?


In my experience, the average going rate for a professional tattoo artist working in a Birmingham tattoo shop ranges from £60-£80 per hour.


When did Birmingham tattoo shops start emerging?


I believe one of the first Birmingham tattoo shops was owned by Micky sharpz. When the tattoo culture become more mainstream in the 90s that’s when more and more Birmingham tattoo shops started to emerge.

Tattoo shops birmingham


How do I find the right Birmingham tattoo shop for me?


By doing your research and making up your own mind on an artists work. Don’t go off friends and family recommendations but use your own judgement. Even though our tattoo shop is no longer based inside Birmingham. Our Tamworth tattoo shop is only a stones throw away from Birmingham and myself and Becky would be happy to assist in anyway we can in either pointing you in the right direction or if you loved our work, we’d be happy to create your next tattoo master piece!

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contact us for all your tattoo enquiries at our new Tamworth based tattoo shops (just outside of Birmingham) the details are below. 


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