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Here at INK + OILS tattoo shop we offer free face to face consultations with our clients and potential clients to discuss in depth your ideas and concepts to be able to quote as accurately as we can for you on your next tattoo as well as being able to offer free advice regarding the design and placement before proceeding to the booking stage with a no pressure obligation to book in. Read our reviews, we make each and every person who walks through our doors feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Book your free consultation at the best tattoo shop tamworth today. 
ink + oils best tattoo shop tamworth
Design work 
At INK + OILS tattoo shop we pride ourselves on being  a one hundred percent fully custom tattoo establishment, meaning, we do every single design by hand. Making sure your next tattoo stands out from the crowd by going that extra mile spending the time and effort hand drawing your tattoo piece to your exact requirements. Get the best design work done at the best tattoo shop tamworth today. 
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We are an appointment only tattoo shop, far gone are the days of waiting around for hours in a tattoo studio waiting to get your work done. Here at INK + OILS we operate on an appointment basis with our artists. No waiting around for the artist to design your piece, to prep their station or to finish up their last tattoo while you're their sat patiently waiting. Here at INK + OILS we prep all our custom tattoo designs at least two days prior to your appointment and send it to you to review and always have our station ready for you when you arrive. Save both time and money at the best tattoo shop tamworth. 
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Highly rated and reviewed tattoo studio
With hundreds of reviews and thousands of happy customers you'll be in safe
hands with INK + OILS tattoo shop Tamworth. 
highly reviewed tattoo shop tamworth
INK + OILS charge by the hour or by the day offering a competitive price for the super high quality of service and work we offer. We charge £60 per hour or £250 for a day sitting. As our day sessions are five hours long you'll save yourself a nice £50.00 by booking a day sitting at the best tattoo shop tamworth.
Best tattoo shop tamworth
laser tattoo removal 
We don't just create tattoos that you'll love, we've also extended our services to removing old and unwanted tattoos done else where. pop into the best tattoo shop tamworth today to discuss tattoo removal options with our laser tattoo removal technician. 
laser tattoo removal tamworth
free refreshments
At INK + OILS tattoo shop Tamworth we offer all customers free of charge hot drink options as well as cold drink refreshments. Cappuccino, Mocha, Tea, you name it! We've got our customers well and truly looked after at the best tattoo shop tamworth.
experience, knowledge and high quality work
Our co-owner and lead tattoo artist beckybootstattoo started her tattoo career 7 years ago apprenticing and training under 6 of the industries best tattoo artists Giving her a wealth of knowledge above your average tattooer and can turn her hand not only to the style which she is well known for which is dotwork and mandala tattooing but is highly experienced in all tattooing styles. Visit the best tattoo shop tamworth today. 
best tattoo shop tamworth
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studio offers and discounts
We offer amazing discounts monthly and special events for our customers as well as offering the most competitively priced studio rates in town.
Modern, clean and relaxed environment 
We use only the best hospital grade disinfectants and hygiene practices in the studio day in day out The safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us.  
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As we're a private and appointment only tattoo shop you don't have to worry about people starring at you whilst you get your work done. In a private and relaxed environment we feel our customers feel much more comfortable. feel at ease at the best tattoo shop tamworth. 
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The best tattoo industry equipment and brands used 
We use only the best tattoo gear by industry leading and innovating tattoo brands such as Cheyenne hawk, Kuro Sumi, Dynamic, Anchored, Eternal and many more. The best supplies, the best artists, the best tattoo shop tamworth. 
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Friendly and approachable family tattoo business
We are far from your stereotypical, rock music blasting, biker leather wearing tattoo studio. We're an approachable and friendly family business that are passionate about the services we provide and do so in a clean, modern and relaxed decor and environment. 
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custom gift vouchers 
We offer fully customisable gift vouchers at INK + OILS with a personalised message of your choosing to give as a gift to that special person. Available at the studio all year round. 
Full aftercare briefing and support
After receiving your tattoo we go in depth the correct way to care for your tattoo. We also send all the information to you via email as well as having it listed on our website with continued support and advise if you need it. 
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Receive the best customer service and care 
As a family run business we take huge amounts of pride in what we do and make sure both our work and customer service hits the highest levels at all times. Established in 2013 as Jaygees INK we've built in that time  a highly recognised studio that has only changed our name and location with customers travelling as far as Italy to get tattoo work from our artists. 
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 Vegan friendly
We use only 100% cruelty free and vegan friendly tattoo products.
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